Ask These Questions While Requesting For Estimates For AC Installation

Among the various utilities of your house, air conditioning costs will take major part of your utility bill and more older AC system, the more is its maintenance cost. Therefore, you need to consider about either updating your present system or installing altogether a new AC system.

In order to do that you need to get a proper estimation from some well-known and professional HVAC company like GNR Corbus or any other company of similar stature and reputation.  An expert technician from the company will first pay a visit to your premise and inspect it. They will understand your needs before offering their estimates.

While asking for estimation, you need to ask following are few questions.

  • How much capacity or size of the AC , do you think will be enough for this house?

By asking this question, you will learn how they estimate the capacity of the required AC by taking the measurements of your premise and various external and internal factors. This will give an insight how they calculate the capacity of the AC requirement.

  • Can you use the same ductwork that is already installed before?

This is another major source of expenditure and therefore it is for your interest to know whether same duct work can be cleaned, repaired and reused.

  • Are you insured company? Can you show your insurance validity?

It is important to make sure that the company that you are dealing with is an insured company and will make sure that all the terms and conditions will be openly discussed while submitting their estimation.

  • What kind of technology are you considering for our premise?

Nowadays, there are many new technologies are available in the market like ductless system, remote operated thermostats, digital controls etc.

  • How efficient will be the proposed system?

This will give an idea whether you can really have some reduction in your utility bill.

  • Which make or brand of AC are you suggesting and why?

This will help you to know what the reputation of the new brand is.

  • Can I get any rebate or tax credits?

There are few new systems offers tax rebates for installing any new AC system and hence it is worth enquiring.

  • Will you be responsible for getting all the necessary permits?

This will save your time in running after authorities to obtain necessary permission.

  • What is the time schedule and guarantee offered by you?

This is very important to know.

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