Cast Stone Fireplace Mantels – What Are Their Features And Benefits

Cast stone like limestone is the most worthy competitor of natural stone. It carries the strength of natural stones and comes at half their price. Therefore, cast stones are one of the best options to make trendy and magnificent fireplace mantels for the purpose of home decor and more. Some of the most alluring benefits of buying a limestone fireplace mantel are bundled in the guide below

#1 They Are Strong – Not just that limestone chimney mantels are inexpensive than natural stones, they are also capable of withstanding heat for years without getting damaged

#2 They Retain Heat – This one benefit of cast stone mantels make them the best power saving options. Instead of burning, the stones store heat from the fire and distributes it evenly in the room, keeping it comfortable during winters

#3 They Are Affordable – To begin with, limestone is cheaper than natural stone. Moving on, even limestone chimney mantels are unique and every piece is priced differently – it depends upon a number of factors like the thickness, size, popularity of the shade, customization, and carving. Therefore, everyone can afford a limestone chimney mantel

#4 They Offer A Great Variety – Not just in design, size, and thickness, limestone fireplace mantels also offer variety in patterns. The ones that are currently trending include Sahara diamond, pearl diamond, pearl honed, chocolate honed, ash veined honed, and taupe open cast

#5 They Maintain Lustre – The Lustre, color, and shine of limestone is a near-permanent thing. Which means, if you clean the mantel regularly and keep it away from combustible substances, it will sparkle as bright as new. Besides, open cast fireplace mantels do not require polishing. They are already made seamless

What To Consider While Buying A Cast Stone Fireplace Mantel

  • Consider the company you purchase the fireplace mantel from. Omega Mantels should be the obvious choice since the company offers genuine products
  • Consider the quality of the cast stone that you choose. It is important since the durability of the mantel depends upon the quality of the cast stone with which it is made
  • Consider your budget while choosing the design, shape, shade, as well as the size of the fireplace mantel for your house
  • Consider getting the help of a professional designer to decide what kind of a fireplace mantel will look good with your house within your budget
  • Consider asking for an evaluation sample before finalizing the design so that you can physically feel the quality and texture of the stone

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