Composite Decking: Easy Guide to Cleaning Surface Stains

Although composite decking is one of the only flooring solutions that requires virtually no maintenance at all – In order to keep it looking its best at all times many people choose to clean it periodically after installation, enabling for it to once again look brand new and for it to stay in the best possible condition.

However, if you are a composite deking owner and want to ensure that you can get as much life out of your composite decking as possible you may want to pay more attention to cleaning your deck boards, completing minor cleaning processes whenever you notice a stain.

If you want to learn how to clean an array of popular stains from your composite deck boards, this article is for you!

Common stains and to remove them Water stains – To remove water stains from your composite deck boards you simple need to use clean water and a brush. Wet your decking using clean water and sweep off any excess using a brush. If this process does not seem to fully take away the water stains, you may want to consider using either a power washer or cleaning detergent.

Grease stains – Grease stains commonly occur on outdoor flooring like composite decking, mainly coming from things like sun cream and oil. To ensure these stains do not cause any permanent damage they must be removed as soon as they are spotted. Grease stains can be removed from composite deck boards using degreasing cleaning detergents that should be rubbed on vigorously in all directions and cleaned away using either clean water or a jet sprayer.

Heat/surface stains – If you are a composite deck board owner you may find that over time, especially after hot conditions, that your deck boards appear discoloured. This can be fixed easily using sandpaper. When sanding your decking you must ensure that you only sand in the direction of its grooves.

Stubborn stains – if your decking has stubborn stains on it, whether it be from wine, coffee, rust or something unknown to you do not worry. The majority of stains should be able to be removed following the above steps. If the above cleaning steps don’t work you may want to consider using a wire brush instead of using sandpaper and adding bleach to your cleaning solutions for a more thorough approach.

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