Dispose of Waste Water by Installing the Right Septic System

Septic systems are required in every household where there are no public sewers. The right septic system can help to drain waste water and help in maintaining a healthy environment. If you are planning on installing a septic system for your home, you first need to understand the basis of a septic tank.

Components of a Septic Tank

A septic tank consists of a septic tank, drainfields and pipes. A septic tank is a waterproof tank that helps to separate solids from the waste water. These later on get decomposed and allow the water to get drained from the septic tank.

Drainfields are laid onto the trenches or gravel beds. The waste water that gets drained from the septic tank gets absorbed onto these drainfields. Drainfields are generally situated in the backside of the lawn or yard. The size of the drainfield is determined based on the type of soil in your yard and the amount of water used.

The type of soil impacts the effectiveness of your drainfield. Tight or poor draining soils will not allow a lot of water to pass through.

Make the Most Out of Your Septic System

Installing a septic tank requires an approval from the respective stakeholders. The septic field design needs to be approved by the health, municipality or the conversation authorities. This again varies from state to state. You then need to fill in the application form giving out the complete procedure details.

Professionals will come and inspect the site and check for any setbacks. They might take samples of the soil for inspection. They will analyze and evaluate your property and share the results with the concerned authorities. If they are satisfied, you will get the approval to build a septic system.

All the above cannot happen in a day. You need to plan well in advance. Some useful tips that might come in handy here would be:

  • Take the help of professionals for the job
  • Ensure that you purchase the components of your septic systems from credible stores
  • Choose the location of the installation carefully. It should be near a water source
  • Take the help of experts when it comes to landscaping
  • Discuss ever details with your septic designer and take their opinions on the same
  • Try to get a pre approval on your septic tank installation before purchasing a property.


Septic systems need to be properly maintained for them to function properly. Ensure that you use waster wisely and do not dump all sorts of wastes down the sink for the tank to get clogged.

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