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Five DIY home décor ideas for your beautiful garden

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Remember a warm, welcoming home begins with a beautiful garden decorated by you. Giving a personal touch adds a lot more to the creativity and impression of your home. However,giving a new touch to your garden décor occasionally helps increating the warm and welcoming feeling. The designs, patterns or décor items you use, reflect your personality and taste -both emotionally and practically. Though designing a garden seems to be an overwhelming and challenging task,you can turn it into a fun-filledtask just with a few interesting DIY home décor ideas. Here are some easy, quick yet effective ideasto make your garden stunning and impressive.

  • Create the mood by fixing proper lightings-

Lighting is an essential part of the décor, which augments the overall view. Choosing the suitable garden lights would be important for the overall décor. Avoid setting up flashy lights; opt for the right type of garden lighting such as fairy lighting, pole lights etc. adds a dreamy and soothing effect. You can buy different types of outdoor lights online; these lights are easy to install. You can use the fairy lights to light up trees or small shrubs or even can attach to your fences giving a sparkling effect.

  • You can add hanger planters in your garden-

It is always not necessary to plant the trees or shrubs into the ground. You can simply make hanging planters and place them. It is very easy to make the hanging planters. Let the creative painter in you come out; it can be fun-activity for the kids too, let them help you to paint the pots and plant their favourite saplings and hang them

  • Recycle old furniture –

We sometimes have unused wooden planks or furniture in our home. You can make a wooden birdhouse out of those leftovers wooden pieces. Using camouflaging colorsto paint the birdhouse will attract more birds and create a pleasantenvironment in your garden.

  • Make your pathways beautiful with the pebbles

When you go tothe beaches, you get to collect beautiful rocksand different types of stones. Enhance the beauty ofthegarden pathways by placing these pebbles in different shapes to make it look attractive. You can also decorate those pebbles the way you want it.

  • Shape up –

You can also give different shapes to thegrass. You can cut your lawn in many different ways. It is a very easy thing, which turns your garden look in a very different way. Putting up a swing and planting some climbing plants near the poles of the swing can also add to the beauty of the garden.

DIY home decorationis always fun, and if all family members participate in it, it becomes one of the memorable events. TheseDIY home décor ideas are easy, pocket-friendly and full of enjoyment for everyone. Give a personal touch to your home décor and make it more elegant and attractive.

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