Five Helpful Tips when Finding a Good Growler for your Home

Beer loves need to have their own growler at home. This beer accessory is a vessel used for transporting beer. A great growler should be air-tight. The majority of them are made out of glass; however, stainless steel or ceramic growlers also get the job done. If you are looking to take draft beer somewhere, you need a growler for the job. Whether you wish to take out beer from a craft beer bar Fort Worth or manage your home storage with the right mini kegerators, you should have at a growler or two to help you out. The tips below can help you determine the ones that make the grade:

Look for an Easy-to-Clean Growler

It is important to keep your growler clean so it stays effective. Thus, rinse them out with hot water one you consume their contents. To make cleaning easier, choose the right design. If you haven’t been drinking the beer in the growler, beer deposits can require cleaning it out using a brush and a detergent.

Choose the Right Growler Size

Standard sizes for growler are 64 ounces and 128 ounces. Remember that you will get less beer in there to accommodate the head. To avoid making a mess, look for a growler with a fill line etched into the container’s side.

Follow Local Laws

Requirements for filling growlers vary by states. In some states, there are regulations to follow in terms of how to transport growlers. Ensure you have a properly-labeled growler that is filled at a proper location. This will help you avoid running into issues with the law over your beer.

Think about Growler Exchanges

Empty growlers can be bought outright without a problem. Are you using a growler for your homebrew? If so, that is all you have to worry. But, if you fill the growler elsewhere, a number of retailers, bars, and brewers require exchanging an empty growler for one of the establishment’s in-house growlers.

Find a Pressure Release Growler

As growlers are closed containers, they will build pressure inside of them as temperature changes. You must avoid very cold or hot temperatures with your growler. In case enough pressure builds, the beer may explore in your vehicle or home. Find growlers which allow you to safely release any built-up pressure before you open the container.

Using the right growler can take your beer experience to the next level. Make sure you buy the right type and size and explore your options.

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