Four Important Tips for Finding a Great Courier Service

Choosing the right courier and parcel delivery service for your company can directly impact how quickly your package makes it to its destination, as well as the quality of that package when it does arrive. It is important to find a company that is willing to be flexible with your business for each job and is able to provide a number of options to select from. A great courier service should also be extremely communicative and provide effective tracking tools so that you can watch your freight over the course of its journey.


The first and possibly most important aspect to consider about a courier company is the availability it offers. How often will you need to use the courier service, and what are the times of pickup that work best for you? If a company does not provide a wide range of pickup days and times, you may find that you feel constricted by having to wait around for the courier, when a different day or time would have been more convenient. Always talk to them ahead of time about the frequency and size of your packages, and consider asking them about their emergency or rush policies.

Package Limitations

One area that many people forget to ask about ahead of time is any size or weight limitations that the courier company may have. Find this out before you realise that you want to send a package that is heavier than they will allow because this will ultimately cost you time and money in the end. If they have a policy for additional size or weight charges, make sure that you carefully evaluate whether you will need to send oversize options frequently. If you do, then try to find a company that does not restrict size or weight.

Cost Versus Value

The total cost of a company for couriering your package ranges widely, so it is important to take some time to carefully review and compare each courier quote. A lower cost does not ultimately mean that they will offer the services that you may need for your package, such as thorough tracking or immediate delivery confirmation. Compare the services that you require against the total cost, and then remember to account for any additional fees that you may have overlooked.


Another crucial factor in deciding which courier company to work with is whether they offer insurance for your packages. If you are shipping valuable goods or really anything that holds value to you, it is important to insure that item against anything that might happen to it along the way. Most companies offer insurance at a great value, but you may have to take some time to research and speak to the company directly about the details of the insurance. Avoid working with a company that does not provide insurance because this may compromise your peace of mind in knowing that your package will reach its destination safely.

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