Here’s Why Electromagnetic Pest Control Devices Are Better Than Ultrasonic Ones!

Many homeowners don’t really believe in the power of electronic pest control devices, mainly because they have failed to get results. Ultrasonic pest control devices are cheap, while there are new electromagnetic options that are touted to be better. Below, we have discussed why you should opt for the latter.

Does my home need electromagnetic pest control products?

While an ultrasonic device works, it only has an effect when the vermin or insects are in direct sight of the device. Basically, you cannot expect much from these devices when it comes to repelling insects behind rooms, wardrobes and cupboards, which are the real breeding sites. Most homes don’t have an open structure, which means that these ultrasound devices have their limitations. Even when they work, you must get one for each room to get some of the benefits as claimed by the manufacturer. With electromagnetic pest control products, you can get rid of these problems.

The pros and cons

Electromagnetic devices also run on electricity, and when they powered on, these use the available electromagnetic field of the house and releases pulses at different intervals, which affects the metabolism of pests. With that said, electromagnetic devices can effectively get rid of vermin and roaches, without actually affecting pets like dogs, birds and cats.  These also work for the entire house, and some of the better ones cover an entire home up to 2,100 sq. feet. Electromagnetic devices by known firms are tested, and some of the manufacturers will be more than happy to share the details.

Things to note

There’s no denying that electromagnetic devices are the most effective ultrasonic pest reppellers, but it is also important to control pest menace with smaller steps. Make sure that there are no gaps, cracks and holes in the house, which can offer an entry to rodents and pests. Pipes, sinks and drains should be cleaned on a regular basis for getting rid of debris and gunk. You also need to keep the surroundings of the property clean and check if there are any spots with standing water.

If you are buying electromagnetic devices, check online to get the best deals. Always shop from brands that have tested their devices and check the warranty on the product. Also, find more on operations and whether one device is enough for your home. Typically, you will find the coverage of the electromagnetic device on the label with other details.

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