How is Bamboo Used Across the World?

Bamboo is an exceptional flora. Most of us are only aware that bamboos are the favorite snack of pandas, but when delved deeper in the research, these miraculous plants has a plethora of pragmatic uses that humans have been adapting for centuries ago. Bamboo is not only a multi-purpose plant, but is also a sustainable plant that is beneficial for our plant. You must be aware of the fact that bamboo is one of the fastest cultivating natural resources on the planet, they can cultivate to one yard every day.

Although, this plant utilizes only 12 gallons of water to produce a pound of fabric, cotton, on the other hand, requires over 200 times more. Moreover, bamboo does not need any kind of replanting after being harvested as its vast root network consistently sprouts new stems. They can cultivate with no requirement of petroleum guzzling tractors and toxic pesticides and fertilizers and as a matter of fact, when Hiroshima in Japan was bombed, Bamboo was the first plant ever to grow back, bringing life back to the greenery on the land.

With so many miraculous benefits at hand from this plant, here are some of the ways bamboo is utilized on the planet.

  1. Construction of roads

In countries like India and China, bamboo is utilized in road construction where it is weaved into the roads. Bridges have been built out of bamboo in China, which are sturdy enough to support heavy vehicles like trucks that weigh as heavily as 16 tons. Construction of roads and bridges from bamboo instead of steal is a much cost-effective method and an environmentally sustainable engineering solution.

  1. For nutritional and medicinal purposes

For medicinal purposes, bamboo is exclusively used in Asian cooking. Shoots are the most edible part of the plant and are also available in the market in many forms, like canned, dried and frozen. Bamboo leaves bear many antioxidant properties like they have a low calorie count, high in dietary fiber and super-friendly for the skin. And when it comes to medicinal purposes, bamboo is helpful for women to regulate their menstrual cycle, making the labor pains go easy on you in the later stages of pregnancy, quick treatment of wounds and ulcers, curing stomach disorders such as indigestion and diarrhoea, helps in controlling blood pressure, reducing cholesterol and many more advantages.

  1. For bedding purposes

As sturdy and durable bamboo is, it can also be the super soft material at the same time. It can actually be woven into one of the most comfortable and softest fabrics on the planet. It is generally compared to silk because of its smooth and cool texture. Bamboo sheets are so comfy that you will get rid of all the cotton sheets. At Bamboo for Life, the experts are actually making the most of sustainability to develop one of the most comfortable bedding on Earth.

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