How Much Dangerous Carpenter Ants Are for Humans?

Many people often ask this question whether carpenter ants are dangerous to us? The answer is both Yes as well as No. If carpenter ants infest your home then it can severely damage the property. However, they usually don’t prefer to bite humans.

Carpenter ants known as fourmis charpentière in French have pretty large jaws which is strong enough to cut the wood and therefore they can easily bite our skin too. However, they usually do not prefer to bite humans or animal unless they feel threatened. If they bite then it can be quite painful, which is almost similar to any bee sting but carpenter ants very rarely bite humans. Also, if they bite any adult by chance then it is not harmful as they do not spread any disease.

The real danger from carpenter ant is for any wooden structure and particularly if it is in damp condition. They can come after a year even if they are totally eradicated and it is quite difficult to control them once they form large colony in any home.

What happens if it bites?

Though carpenter ant rarely bites any human however if they happen to bite an adult person then it will not lead to any disease or illness like allergic reactions etc. However, if they bite young children then it can take very serious turn. Sometimes it can be life threatening too. Since children are little hypersensitive and their sting can cause lesions which may result in intense pain, itching and swelling too. There is a chance of anaphylaxis which creates shock and a life-threatening reaction.

Food borne diseases and organisms

These ants can transmit certain food borne diseases and organisms as they are capable of contaminating food with certain organisms like Shigella, E. coli and Salmonella.

Generally, any business owner or any homeowner does not bother much about any possibility of disease transmission due to ants. However, we must understand that ants also look for moisture and any kind of food material too. With their such behavior, they may move on your uncared food materials and can contaminate the food.

Since, these ants can move into bathroom or toilet and pick up certain organisms from there and then they can transfer the same to your food and utensils that are stored in your kitchen. These ants can also move around in the garbage area and carry the organisms from the filth and spread in your uncared food materials. Therefore, we can never take their presence at home very lightly.

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