How the professional condo cleaner perform their duty?

You always wondered how the condo cleaning services cleaned the hotels so quickly and impeccably every time you stayed in one. It was that the guest went out to breakfast and when returned everything was impeccable and in record time. This is your opportunity to learn the secrets of the hotel cleaning staff so you can put them into practice at home.

Open the windows

According to how the cleaning is done in the hotels, the first thing you should do is to let in natural light to be able to observe which the dirtiest spots are. It never happened to you that you cleaned with the curtains closed and when you thought you were finished and you opened them, you went back to see the dust everywhere? Therefore, always open the windows when you start cleaning to have good vision, ventilate the room well and be able to work with cleaning products without aspirating all their chemicals.

Cleaning all the furniture

Are you one of those who focus on cleaning the tables, the TV rack and the shelves but rarely clean the sofa and chairs? Hotel cleaners always focus on soft furniture because they gather a lot of almost invisible dust that ruins the fabrics over time and continues to spread throughout the room if it is not cleaned. What do you say? Guests in hotels mainly focused on the bathroom and furniture’s. For the up-coming days the room will be like their home. No one likes their home with dusty drawers and yellowish bath tub. So, it is the duty of the condo cleaners to make each corner and furniture clean and shiny.

Protect the bed

You may know that the most important part of a hotel room is the bed, right? And youdo not know in your experience but as far as experts are concerned, hotel beds seem great, always comfortable and with that rich smell of clean. Do you want to know how they care for the mattress in hotels? They preserve it with protectors and as well as pillows. Not only will you prevent your pillows and mattress from getting stained but you will prevent it from being filled with allergens and increase its durability. Is not it great?

Conclusion: Never mix cleaning products

This is one of the golden rules of hotel cleaning and yes they are cleaning experts. It is that some chemicals in cleaning products can generate toxic fumes when mixed and this is one of the most common cleaning mistakes that you make since as you clean you do not realize how many products you mix. A tip that the maids of service give is that you use cloths of different colors to clean, red for windows, blue for wooden furniture and green for electronics. Will you try it at home?

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