How to Renovate your Old Bathroom into a Modern Style

Renovating a bathroom space is no easy task. Though it can be the smallest part of your home, it’s the most challenging room to rearrange and reconstruct second only to your kitchen. A proper layout of the space is needed beforehand if you want to consider where you’ll be placing your water drainage pipes and your electrical wiring if you’re installing a heater.

It’s a challenging task to bring your bathroom up to date with modern aesthetics, so it’s one that you should be smart about from the smallest details to the overall look. Here are some of the tips on reconstructing your bathroom space that will allow you to make the most out of your budget constraints.

Consider the budget

Time and time again, homeowners often get carried away by the adrenaline rush of improving the bathroom space. Since it’s one of the highlights of a home if they’re looking to sell, it makes the pre-planning often way overboard and more than the budget limit. As much as possible, don’t alter the general layout of the space; this means that you may extend or shorten areas. It’s a smarter choice to keep the ground plane the same but to be open to shuffling the fixtures here and there instead of needing to reinstall drainage pipes which won’t just extend your home’s renovation time frame but will also likely put you over budget.

Compact spaces

Since you’ll most likely be using the familiar layout of your bathroom, you have to consider what you can do with the limited space that you have. Bathtubs are great for spacious rooms but are often bulky and use up a lot of space in the bathroom. If you have a freestanding bath installed, it makes it easier to shift it around to try a different orientation without needing to move it out. But if you’re looking to keep spaces clean, you can opt to get a shower cabin.

Having a shower cabin doesn’t just save you space, it also makes it easier to dry and clean your bathroom. Since it’s a vertical bathing space compared to a bathtub, you’ll be able to have more space in the area without losing the function of a bath. Since it’s also in a closed space, the wetness will be limited appropriately inside the cabin where you can opt to have it match up to a corner that usually has a drainage pipe.

Investing in details

If you’re not looking to have significant construction work done in your bathroom, you can also opt to shake things up by having pieces here and there. A lot of small items and trinkets can improve your bathroom’s vibe without having a painful kick in the wallet. Paintings aren’t the best options for wet rooms as the acidity and vapour damages the picture over time. Unless the pieceis framed, it’s better being placed in your living room. Having small plants in the bathroom can make it feel much calmer with their shades of green to accent the monochrome feel of the walls and flooring.



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