Signs You Need to Replace Your Shower

There are a few clear signs that will let you know when you need to replace your shower. Being aware of these signs and acting quickly can prevent major damage from occurring.

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Most people use their shower every day without giving a lot of thought to its function, how well it is holding up, or if it is still working as well as it used to. If your shower begins to break down and needs to be replaced, then you will want to work quickly, as water damage can occur rapidly when your shower is leaking or not draining properly. Pay attention to these signs and then get professional help right away to prevent a lot of damage from occurring in your home.

Your Shower Head Is Dripping

This is so common that most people don’t even realise that it is a problem. Dripping from the shower head often means that you only need to replace the head, but can sometimes clue you into a larger and more damaging problem. If there is a deeper issue, then you will want to rely on the experts who can supply you with a quality bathrooms suite from Grant & Stone, which will ensure that the problem is addressed and there isn’t any water leaking behind your shower.

There Are Cracks

Remember that where there are cracks, there are leaks, especially when there are cracks that have formed in your shower base. It’s normal for a shower to start to crack after years of use, but when that occurs you need to replace the shower pan right away. Even the smallest cracks can allow water to drain through them, which means that there can be damp wood beginning to rot and mould under your shower right now.

Image Source: Pexels

There’s Movement

You shouldn’t experience any movement in the shower base when you are getting in or out of the shower. Any sliding is a bad sign that something has gone wrong and your shower needs to be replaced. Rather than attempting to deal with this problem on your own, you will want to hire a professional.

Getting help right away when you notice one of these three problems is important and can prevent major damage from occurring due to a problem with your shower. Make sure that you call an expert at the first signs of problems, as water damage can be very expensive to repair and can happen quickly if there is a problem with your shower that you don’t address.

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