The Top 5 Benefits of Laminate Flooring For Your Home

There is a reason laminate flooring has been the top choice for floor covering in Australia and it continues to be the covering or choice for most homes. If you look at some of the older homes in Australia, you will see the house decked out in laminate flooring from the kitchen to the bedroom and elsewhere. Mothers have been choosing this floor covering for generations and they have told their children about its advantages and they have told theirs and so the cycle has continued. There are many advantages of picking laminate flooring and we will look at just some of them here today.

  1. The Best Value for MoneyLaminate flooring from TFCC is incredibly affordable to most people and it is all in the manufacturing process. It is cheap to manufacture and so this saving is passed on to you the consumer. The materials contained within the laminate flooring are incredibly strong and hard wearing and so will last you many years.
  1. It is Really Durable – Ask any homeowner in Australia and they will tell you that their laminate flooring has been on the floor for at least ten years and it still looks as good as it did when it first went down. This is because of the aluminium oxide coating that stands up to scratches, fading and stains. In fact, it is incredibly difficult to put a stain on laminate flooring and it handles lots of people walking forwards and backwards on it all day every day.
  1. Great Choice of Patterns – The number of designs, colours and patterns is extensive and you can get almost any other type of floor coverings appearance onto the laminate. If you want a marble finish, then that’s no problem. If you want a wooden floor look, then that’s no problem as well. A tile look is also available and so are many other patterns and finishes. It truly does offer you such a wide selection.
  1. It’s Easy to Install – The flooring itself consists of a tongue and groove locking system that means that most DIYers can probably install the flooring themselves, thus saving you quite a lot of money as you save on installation costs. It just slots into place as you lay it down on your floor and it is easy to figure out how much that you need. Just measure the room and your local supplier will tell you how much you need. It really is that simple and cost effective.
  1. Its Kind to the Environment – Laminate flooring is made from wood and so is completely recyclable and can also be reused if you decide to take it with you when you move house. The click and lock mechanism allows you to lift it up quite easily, take it with you and reinstall in your next home.

Laminate flooring is your best choice when it comes to affordable, durable and easy to install flooring. It’s easy to take care of and a quick vacuum or sweep and the floor looks great again.

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