Tips for a budget-friendly kitchen renovation

Home renovations can be an expensive affair. A well-maintained dream house is harsh on the pocket. Though the actual value of the home depends on lot many factors, a recent report by “ Remodelling Magazine” says that every $100 spent on Kitchen renovation your kitchen can increase the value of the home by $83.

To build the kitchen of your dreams with a large island and granite countertops, a breakfast bar and copper range hood, kitchen renovations come with a hole in your pocket. Whether you go for traditional design for a warm look, a modern design for a sleek cool look or even a transitional design with a blend of both, all designs and renovation will cost you a lot which you may not like to spend.

Planning can save a lot of overspending and can give a value of the money spent.

Here are the eight budget-friendly ideas for kitchen renovation which will help to change the appeal of the kitchen while being pocket-friendly:

1)    Facelift your cabinets: Cabinets are the most visible area of the kitchen, but If you replace the old cabinet, your cost will increase in multiple folds, so a good idea is to do spray painting on the doors. This minor cost effective facelift will give a new look to the kitchen.

2)    Change the lights: Install new ceiling lights and give your kitchen a brighter look. Switch completely to LEDs which have a long life and saves electricity bills too. You can use plugin strips and rope lights too.

3)    Paint the ceiling: Since the ceiling is the most affected part by smoke and kitchen stains, a fresh coat of paint on the ceiling will help a lot.

4)    Use backsplash: Add a backsplash to give a complete look to the kitchen. You can find a variety of options available in the market at a much less cost.

5)    Change hardware of the cabinets: Changing the hardware of the cabinets also gives a new feel of a new cabinet. It will be much less costly as compared to changing the whole cabinet.

6)    Decorative materials: Apply accessories like decorative wallpapers, decorative fixtures modern lights, pendants etc to increase the appeal of the kitchen.

7)    Upgrade the electrical appliances: Change the old appliance with the latest energy efficient ones. They will be friendly on the electricity bills and will also be a good idea to give your kitchen a new look.

8)    Speak to real estate agent: Always before planning for a kitchen renovation, take an idea of the real estate rate going on in your area. This way user can prevent overspending on your home.

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