Why Is Fertilizer Essential for Flourishing Lawns?

A lush, green lawn has long been a prized feature in suburban residences, and it’s easy to understand why.

When your house is framed by a well-tended patch of turf, passers-by will gaze at the property with admiration and think to themselves, Yes, this family’s got it all together. A tidy lawn is an indication of attention to detail and a commitment to providing routine care.

When you step outside your front door every morning, greeted by the fresh smell of dew on grass and the gentle scents wafting from your flower beds, you feel rejuvenated and inspired to start your daily routine with clean air in your lungs and a smile.

If you want to enjoy these experiences, too, and you’ve got a lawn where grass grows, then you’re halfway there.

A Little TLC Is in Order

It’s not enough to allow grass to grow on your lawn with reckless abandon; providing regular care and proper structure is a must for achieving truly impressive turf that will multiply your home’s appeal.

So aside from having the right kind of grass for your particular part of Missouri planted on the space, you’ll need to find a trusted team of professionals in lawn care in Creve Coeur, MO to start and maintain a good fertilization program.

Fertilizer Basics: Why Is It Essential?

Grasses and plants take the nutrients they need to grow from the soil. There are no unlimited reserves of these nutrients; when the soil is left untouched, the plants will soak up all the nutrients, and anything that’s left gets carried off by rain or irrigation systems.

Without these nutrients, the deficiency will be visible in the dull color and weak growth of your grass. That is why every effective lawn care program includes a regular and targeted schedule for fertilizing the lawn.

What’s in It?

Basically, three main nutrients are found in fertilizers:

  • Potassium helps build resistance to disease and drought
  • Phosphorus encourages the growth of strong and healthy roots and stems
  • Nitrogen stimulates the production of chlorophyll, and consequently, the production of healthy leaves

Generally, lawns require fertilizers that have a greater amount of nitrogen compared to potassium and phosphorus. This way, the grass will continue to grow and create that much-coveted lush and healthy appearance in lawns.

When Should the Lawn Care Team Do It?

Knowing when to apply fertilizer is crucial in caring for a healthy, thriving lawn.

Most homes feature one of two main types of grasses: there are cool-season grasses (like bluegrass and fescue which emerge in early spring and fall) and warm-season grasses (such as zoysia and Bermuda which present their best growth during the summer).

As a rule of thumb, fertilizing should take place during the season when the specific grass on the lawn is known to emerge.

A Structured Fertilization Program

In Missouri, the most popular grass used in lawns is tall fescue, followed by Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass. To ensure that these grasses display magnificent growth on your lawn, it’s best to hire a lawn care company in Cottleville, MO that delivers a seven-step treatment program that will not only fertilize your grass but will also keep pesky weeds at bay.

In such an integrated program, different kinds of fertilizers are applied to the lawn at different times of the year to achieve unique results that will enhance the beauty and health of your lawn in varying stages.

For example:

  • In the spring, granular fertilizer will be used to enhance the green color of the grass after it lay dormant during the winter. This would also prevent the appearance of annual weeds that survived the cold weather.
  • In the summer, slow release granular fertilizer works to strengthen the ability of the grass to resist drought and disease. This is the season when fertilizer plays an important role in maintaining the hardiness of grass to allow it to withstand the summer heat.
  • In the fall, a balanced fertilizer helps grass to recover from the harsh summer and to promote new leaf and root growth. As winter approaches once more, lawn care professionals apply heavy rate granular fertilizer to prepare the grass for the cold by further strengthening roots, improving overall hardiness, and encouraging the production and storage of plant food.

To make your dreams of a lush green lawn come true, it’s best to leave the lawn care measures to the professionals. Thanks to their fertilizing skill, tools and techniques, the best possible upgrade can be done on your property — the emergence of a neat, flourishing lawn.

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