Working With A New Furnace And HVAC Service? Don’t Miss These Tips!

Most homeowners often do not realize the importance of heating & cooling systems and appliances, until something goes wrong. HVAC systems help in maintaining the indoor air temperature, but if not maintained well, the indoor air quality can get severely affected. Home experts always recommended getting furnaces, air conditioners and coolers checked every year, so that major faults can be avoided. With servicing and yearly maintenance, it is possible to reduce the expensive repair costs that most people are concerned about.

If you are working with a HVAC & furnace repair company for the first time, there are a few things to take note.

Understand the pricing

Gone are days when furnace repair jobs had fixed charges. Typically, most companies will end in their experts, who will do a thorough check to find the possible faults, and based on the repair work, you can expect to get an estimate. Getting a quote in advance always helps in avoiding unwanted hidden charges later. It is also necessary that you get an upfront final cost and not hourly rates. Make sure that the estimate covers everything – right from the replacement parts to cost of labor, taxes and other charges, if applicable.

Ask about the company

Don’t be surprised to know that many companies rely on day laborers and subcontractors to get their work done. You need a company that has its own team of HVAC experts, who should be trained, insured and experienced for such jobs. Typically, HVAC contractors are required to complete a few licensing requirements to run shop, and they should be compliant to the safety requirements that are a norm in the industry. It is also a good idea to check if the company works extensively in the area and has a physical address.

Find what they can do

From repairing old furnaces to installing, repairing and servicing the new-age HVAC systems, a competent contractor should excel in all aspects of the job. Before you settle for a service, it is also a good idea to check if they can offer emergency air conditioning repair assistance. Experience with diverse brands, models and makes also counts. If the HVAC system stops working, it is best to rely on a service that is available at the earliest, so the response time counts.

Understand your liabilities

Insurance is one aspect that many homeowners don’t take seriously. Repairing HVAC system may involve considerable risk for the technicians, and in case something goes wrong, you don’t want to be liable for the medical expenses. As such, HVAC technicians are expected to be licensed. Also, the company should have general liability insurance, which will cover any additional damage that’s caused by the work done.

Finally, don’t shy away from seeking references. Call up a few local clients of the concerned company and find more on their respective experiences of working with the technicians. You can also rely on independent reviews on Google. The right service is like an asset, because you will need them at some point or the other, as long as you have a home and a HVAC system.

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